Robinhood Reparations LLC

Who is Robinhood Reparations LLC

Have you seen the stories on Oprah, Dateline, Good Morning America, and 60 Minutes about government agencies holding billions of dollars in lost and missing assets for private individuals? Nearly one in ten Americans are owed money by the Government!


These shows feature an investigator locating folks and telling them about their good fortune – he’s found their money. 


Robinhood Reparations LLC is an Asset Recovery Organization that specializes in doing just that. 


We scour the country looking for unclaimed funds. We find them by auditing government agencies, examining their public records and identifying money they’re holding in trust for individuals or entities. Then we research their origin by going back through agency records to determine rightful ownership.

What Happens if the Funds Are Not Claimed or Sit Too Long?

In most states, the government agency holding funds like these is allowed to keep them if the rightful owner fails to make a claim by the deadline. To make things worse, the government agency is usually either not able to contact the rightful owner or will not try very hard to. If you are owed money by the government and want to prevent the loss of these funds, you must take immediate action or be at risk of losing your money to the government. It is important that you make a claim with the agency without further delay.

Goverment Hiding Money and Crossing Fingers
Payments on a contingency basis. No Recovery No Fee

How Does the Recovery Process Work?

We recover your funds on a contingency basis. That means no upfront cost to you. We will NEVER ask you to pay anything out-of-pocket. If we’re successful in recovering your funds, only then are we paid a percentage of what we helped recover. You keep the lion’s share, of course.

What’s the Catch?

No catch at all. At Robinhood Reparations LLC we believe in honest business. If the money we found is yours, we get paid a finders fee for our work. If the money is not yours then we do not get paid and any expenses already incurred are covered by us. We do not ask for any money in advance from you and we only get paid if we get you your money!

This is a good catch - and there's no catch to it!

Do You Offer a Military and Piece Corp Discount?

Yes, we have great respect for those who serve our country with honor and keep us safe. We also respect those who sacrifice much to help those in poverty around the world and keep them safe and healthy. Once we verify that the funds are owed to someone like yourself, all they have to do is provide proof of service and you will be given a 25% discount. We have a list on our website of the proof we accept. We are also able to help anyone through the process of acquiring the proof from Veterans Affairs or the Piece Corp. For more info check out our Military Appreciation page.

Do You Donate to Charity as Part of Each Claim?

Just like how we love to help people like you who have been wronged by the government, but we also love to share the wealth with those who need it more than us. We donate to many charities. We don’t discriminate based on their mission. We like to help everyone and anyone. After your money has been claimed you choose a charity from the list below and we donate 5% of our commission to a max of $250.00, to the charity you choose in your name. There is a full list of the charities you have to choose from on the Charitable Donations page. Check it out.